Post Genie


  • Made of 4mm steel plate to fit posts up to 100mm width
  • 4mm steel reinforcing ribs
  • A 10mm striker plate
  • Coated in rust resistant red oxide paint
  • Approx. 600mm long x 110mm wide
  • Supplied with M16 by 150mm nut and bolt

Saving you time and money by:

  • No dismantling
  • No new post to fit
  • No need for digging
  • No need for concreting
  • Repair each post in 10-15 minutes
  • Comes with easy 5 step instruction guide

Ladder Genie

An innovative product, designed to improve the stability of the ladder at work.

The Ladder-genie is designed to improve the safety of the ladder, when used between the recommended safety angles of the ladder - between 65° and 75°. Any use outside these recommended angles are not
advisable. Don't fall for anything else!


  • No time wasted on assembly
  • No time wasted on dismantling
  • 5 easy steps enables use in seconds
  • Saves money on employees footing the ladder
  • Weight - approx. 5kg
  • Easy and light to store and carry